Advice #5


English by Skype

октябрь 19, 2015

Study English remotely by skype from the most experienced international toutor. Read on below... English is a complecated language to learn by yourself. You need help. Well whether it’s a lot of help or it is just a little something that you need help with, you may always rely on me, your online English tutor.

I offer a unique system that will help you learn grammar even if you have never studied grammar before in your life. My system will help you understand English grammar even if you don’t remember grammar of your native language. Those student who are proficient in the terminology of grammar, will fundamentaly realize their knowledge and quickly turn it to skill because it is skill that we are tying to gain while learning any language, including English.

I specialize in teaching ESL, it is my passion, this is also what my life has been all about for the last 9 years. I have been teaching nonstop for the last nine years and enjoyed every minute of it. I am passionate about what I do and this passion is contagious. Come learn with me and English will be as accesable to you as your own first language.

Learning English and using it properly has always been a challenge to anyone who has come from abroad and tried to make a good life for one self in the good old US of A. If you feel that your English has been the cause for your slow moving career,  if you feel that you might be able to advance faster by speaking  better English, you’re absolutely right. It does make a difference how you sound, and people who listen to you do care about what they hear and do notice your choppy and shaky English skills. Come study with me and release yourself from the shackles of ignorance. Study English with a teacher who cares and not only does but knows and is able to forward all his knowledge and skill to you.

English by Skype is a very widely used practice in the teaching world. It helps out save time by not making you obligated to travel to your classes and waist all that time on the commute. It also helps you save money, because let’s face it, travel always costs money and the time you spend on your commute could be used for something more productive, like learning English.

You may contact me at any time which is convenient for you. I will work around your schedule and we will figure out the best time to conduct classes. The cost of my classes are 15 dollars per hour and I urge you to contact me for bulk hour purchase discounts.

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