Kingsborough CC, Pace University, ESL Teacher

Спецализация: обучение знаниям и умением английского языка рускоговорящим ученикам

A Little about Myself (Перевод ниже)

My name is Serge. I have lived most of my childhood years in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, which is located in New York City, where I finished school, graduated from college and later worked during many years.

In 2009, 17 years later, I returned to my native Dnipro in Ukraine, where I was born and spent the first seven years of my life. After getting my BA from Pace University and some years of experience working in the auditing field, I initially taught ESL classes and business themed English to adults more so as a hobby at first. I later realised that teaching is more about who I am and turned to it as full time work.

As I gained momentum and experience in my teaching career, I obtained a pretty substantial understanding in all that is English, from grammar to style and MLA guidelines. I started supporting people trying to pass SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT skill wise as these tests are mostly based on what you can do with the language rather than what you know. Of course my language skills where largely backed by my University job as a columnist for our newspaper. The progress of my students and positive experience from being involved in teaching drove me to reinforce my career as a teacher - by that time, I was no longer looking for opportunities in other fields. When you love what you do and there is a demand for it, logic will tell you stick to it, closer.

In 2017, I returned to writing. I keep my own blog as well as write for other resourses.

In 2005 I completed my training as an ESL instructor in Kingsborough Community College in NY and during three years I taught English to newly arrived immigrants in the evenings. Since 2009, life has provided me with the opportunity to do the same in Dnipro for my peoples in my home down of Dnipro. I will be sincerely glad to discuss with you any and whichever needs that you might have regarding the spoken and written word. Give me a ring or shoot an email today. You are welcome to use any of my social media accounts also as I check them personally.

Немного о себе

Меня зовут Сергей. Большую часть своей жизни я провел в замечательном городе Нью-Йорк, где закончил школу, ВУЗ и работал в течение многих лет.

В 2009 году, спустя 17 лет, я вернулся в родной город Днепре, где я родился и где прошло мое детство. Получив бизнес образование и опыт работы в США я изначально преподавал специализированный бизнес-английский в США нашим соотечественникам в качестве хобби и как источник дополнительного заработка.

Почувствовав интерес к преподавательской деятельности, помимо обучения бизнес-английскому, я стал готовить русскоязычных абитуриентов к языковой части вступительных экзаменов (SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT). Прогресс моих учеников и положительный опыт общения со студентами заставили меня пересмотреть выбор карьеры.

В 2005 году я закончил курсы преподавателя английского языка в Нью Йорке и в течение трех лет преподавал английский для иностранцев в вечерней школе. Вот уже с 2009 года я имею честь предлагать свои опыт и знания жителям родного Днепропетровска. Буду искренне рад обсудить с Вами перспективы Вашего обучения английскому языку. Give me a call today 🙂